Booz Allen SAT Scoring Report Released

I’m sure there will be more articles, details, arguments, and discussion about this topic over the next few days, but for now USA Today has the first one that I found: „Report Sheds Light on SAT Scoring Error.” The article points out that the report did not address the causes of the scoring error or comment on the delay in revealing the scoring error once it was discovered.

…the current process is reliable and has prudent controls in place to safeguard scoring accuracy for those marks made in accordance with test directions. The operational changes made by College Board in response to the October administration further improved process reliability by introducing scanning redundancy, more frequent manual scoring checks, an environmental acclimation period to eliminate the effects of humidity, and other safeguards.”

The College Board obviously is satisfied with Booz Allen’s consulting. College Board President Gaston Caperton said, „Students are our first concern, and we’re always exploring ways to serve them more effectively. We believe that the system for processing SAT exams is reliable, and we’re pleased with Booz Allen Hamilton’s assessment.”

The College Board released today the full version as well as the summary of the Booz, Allen report on the procedures for scoring SAT exams in the wake of the scoring mess that accompanied last October’s SAT administration.

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